Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Powerful White Interiors

 Restaurant OLIVOMARE London - designed by Pierluigi Piu

Theurel & Thomas French pastries store in Mexico, San Pedro - designed by Anagrama

 Menswear designer Richard Chai pop-up store in New York - designed by Snarkitecture

Munich sports footwear store in Valencia, Spain - designed by Dear Design

 ROMANTICISM2 Boutique in China, Hangzhou - designed by SACO Architects 

White is very powerful colour! Although, technically white isn’t a color but it is one of the most common colours used in interior design anyway. Some may find white boring but I think it is such a versatile and flexible colour. White being the only colour in the space can be conjoined with other colours of furniture, objects, artwork and people. 

Monday, 2 May 2011

20th Century Lithuanian Film Posters: more than just aesthetic representation

A selection of images from Declassified, an exhibition that showcased the finest of Lithuanian film and displayed cinema posters never before seen in the UK. This celebration of Lithuania's cultural heritage encompasses film, art and live performance, exhibited in east London art cinema Rich Mix in April. The exhibition included a collection of 69 original Lithuanian film posters covering four decades of the 20th century from the personal archives of photographer Marta Ovod. More than just aesthetic representations of Lithuanian cinema, they are tools for cracking open the story of Soviet and independent Lithuania, providing insight into the ideological and socio-political shifts that occurred during this period.

The 1968 poster for Feelings (Jausmai), by Vytautas Valius 

Game Without Trumps (Losimas Be Koziriu), by Vidas Dregva, 1981

A Woman and Her Four Men (Moteris Ir Keturi Jos Vyrai), Mikas Malkovas, 1983

The Beauty (Grazuole) from 1969, artist unknown

Daydreams of Centuries (Simtameciu Godos), from 1969, artist unknown 

The Time of Emptying Farmsteads (Sodybu Tustejimo Metas), by Miroslavas Znamerovskis, 1976

Our Small Sins (Mazos Musu Nuodemes), by Miroslavas Znamerovskis, 1979

The Games of Adults (Suaugusiu Zmoniu Zaidimai), by S Kireilis, 1967

An Eternal Light (Amzinoji Sviesa), by Raimundas Slizys, 1987

At the Line (Ties Riba), by Algimantas Svazas, 1972

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Present from Unto This Last

My fruit bowl..

Unto This Last - The pleasure of making things differently..

Unto This Last is the title of a book written in 1860 by John Ruskin. He advocated a return to the local craftsman workshops, having a few doubts about the human cost of the Industrial Revolution. Thanks to today's technology, Unto This Last makes distributed manufacturing happen - with a competitive edge. They work with Birch Plywood, laminated on-site in order to monitor quality and offer more choice of finishes.

Sideboard Ply Feet ..

 Tall Boy.. 

Facet Sideboard.. 

Honeycomb Shelves.. 

  Cell Shelve..

 Round Table..

 Facet Chair..

 Nurbs Chair..

 Nurbs Coffee Table..

 Twist Lamp..


Tea-Light Candleholders..